About Us

Blue Chip Marine

Our  core business in marine electronics and specializing in high-tech marine electronics and fully integrated systems for commercial, shipping and offshore/onshore industries. With the back-up of its world-wide network principals, we are able to guarantee extensive international service and after sales support facilities.

Although, the essential principle of our Company is to provide our clients (ship’s operators, managers, agencies, builders with THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR THE RIGHT APPLICATION AND DEDICATION TO A CONTINUED 24/7 QUALITY SERVICEs.

 A Full System House

Blue Chip Marine offers a total product, from supply and engineering to project management, installation and integration, service and maintenance, spare parts supply and training of operating personnel.

We have the technical ability and facilities to offer a complete turnkey solution to suit customers’ requirements for both marine and offshore industries. The integrated systems go through the cycle of a well-planned, vigorous and comprehensive testing before their delivery and installation on site.

  •  • We are able to provide system configuration and engineering including Installation and Commissioning for internal and external communications package for application on oil rigs and production platform. Such turnkey projects entail a wide range of high technology products such as GMDSS radio requirements, Radio beacons, Radio Trunk System, PABX System, PAGA System, VHF, UHF, HF, VSAT and Satellite or internal communication.


  •  Blue Chip Marine Engineers are also able to combine complete packages for the different maritime disciplines ~ Ocean going Shipping, Coastal Shipping, Yachting & Class Survey.

 Following are some of the equipment and services that we provide:


Aeronautical & Ground to Air Radio System


Antenna Systems

Echo Sounder / Sonar Equipment

ECDIS & Electronics Chart

EM & Doppler Log

Environmental & Weather Monitoring System


GMDSS Radio Station

(s)VDR & APT


SBM contracts

Laser Docking Systems

Marine Intercom System

Maritime Satellite Television

Navigation System- GPS & DGPS

PAGA (Public Address General Alarm) Systems

Data convertors & interface units

Spare parts

Radar/ ARPA Systems

VSAT & Satellite Communication System

Radio System (Intrinsically Safe)

Surveillance/ CCTV System

Telemetry Systems


GMDSS Radio Survey

Connectivity (Airtime)



Anti-Piracy systems


24/7 Service

 Blue Chip Marine know that comprehensive maintenance and repair capabilities are essential and that rapid response must support these capabilities to minimize and if possible, eliminate the risks of costly delays and dangerous situations created by non-functioning equipment. This is why our Engineers are ready for action any time – to provide technical support on the spot – on board a ship, or an oil rig at sea, and in all the important ports along the world’s busiest shipping routes.


 GMDSS Radio Survey and Shore Based Maintenance (SBM) contracts



Blue Chip Marine along with our principals and the international Classification bodies ,also offers GMDSS Radio Survey to ship owners. In order to comply with IMO and SOLAS requirements. This service guarantees that their vessels can rely on our the services anywhere in the world. The following features are the basis for the effective Shore Based Maintenance program :

      _ High quality global service organization

      _ International service co-ordination

      _ Technical advice to ship’s staff

      _ Efficient repair

      _ Corrective & Preventive maintenance

      _ World-wide logistic organization


Tailor-made Solutions

Based on client’s operational requirements, budget and the specific circumstances in which the equipment has to function, we advise on action to be taken. This may concern simple VHF or a complete integrated bridge system. The client can choose from a variety of quality products from leading international manufacturers