• Oct 10, 2014
  • admin
The Wave Monitors are a series of well-designed, rugged LED displays with all the required marine approvals. The design of the Wave series is based on extensive feedback from ship owners, shipyards, system integrators and most importantly the navigators working on the bridge. The pioneering Wave XL 46 inch multi touch screen is the first of its kind to pass the demanding IEC 60945 approval, allowing it to be mounted on the bridge as part of mission critical systems. It is suitable for any marine application such as digital route planning, radar, ECDIS, conning etc. The 10 point infrared multi touch technology, combined with a hardened antiglare glass, enables a seamless operation and a perfectly clear view in all lighting conditions. Wave XL offers the same intuitive and user-friendly operation as the iPad, superseding it with a large 46” display. The Wave XL display can be flush mounted to the panel, or it can be mounted on the table top without any cut-out required. It also comes with an additional tilt unit allowing it to be tilted seamlessly to a 90° position. The SeaLine Monitors are a series of rugged TFT LCD Displays. The traditional design and modular approach makes them highly suitable for retrofit into existing systems. Please note that our monitors have been approved with all accessories mounted, they are all provided with AD/DC inputs and can even be used as a part of an UPS system.  The improved performance and reliability backlight technology is based on LEDs.